1. Am I nice? of course, it dont hurt to be nice.
2. Am I doing what I really want to do? Yhh or i wouldnt be doing it
3. What am I grateful for? life, everything.
4. What’s missing in my life? mmm right now - nothing
5. Am I honest? YES. i hate liars!
6. Do I listen to others? it really depends what their talking about
7. Do I work hard? hard work pays off
8. Do I help others? i love to help others when they need it
9. What do I need to change about myself? Hmmm… I dont NEED too change anthing… But there is always room for improvement. Maybe less stubborn and less Anti Male..?
10. Have I hurt others? i dont mean to, but thats life sorry :(
11. Do I complain? a little too much need to stop
12. What’s next for me? mm to finish uni and we'll see what happens after that
13. Do I have fun? sometimes - work hard play later!
14. Have I seized opportunities? yeeah sometimes
15. Do I care about others? ALWAYS.
16. Do I spend enough time with my family? not as much as i used to since i moved out to uni
17. Am I open-minded? i think am
18. Have I seen enough of the world? NOO! want to travel the world as soon as i finsihd uni
19. Do I judge others? not going to lie i do but you should never judge a book by its cover
20. Do I take risks? not enough
21. What is my biggest fear? failure
22. How can I conquer that fear? work hard
23. Do I thank people enough? im always polite but i dont always thank people enough
24. Am I successful? thats my aim in life - to be successful
25. Do I annoy others? yeeeaaah.. but thats why they love mee ;)
26. What are my dreams? my dreaammm is to be successful with a career in adverstising, web design, publishing, editorial design, branding or packaging and do photography on the side. then when im like in my late 30s-40s i want to have a small bakery (like the hummingbird but better) specalizing in cupcakes & swedish pastrys :) want to be living in america married to a succesful, sexy man. aahhh that is the life is it not ! and oh yh no kids -_-  just a dog.
27. Am I positive? yuup, but sometimes i tend to let the negative energy get the best of me
28. Am I negative? read above
29. Is there an afterlife? don't no, guess we'll find out when we die
30. Does everything happen for a reason? i believe so
31. What can I do to change the world? recycle ;) mmm.. 1st ave to work hard to gain the power to change the world
32. What is the most foolish thing I’ve ever done? dont no what the most foolish thing ive ever done is, but i supose one ov them letting my ex's get the better of me, we all learn from our mistakes
33. Am I cheap? i wish i was the mount of money i waste on shit i could of got for half the price at primark or something :/
34. Am I greedy? can be..*shy face*
35. Who do I love? my family & my true friends!
36. Who do I want to meet? alot of people but right now ima say young money! lil wayne,drake etc. and j.cole
37. Where do I want to go? everywhere! USA and my home countries - sweden, dominca&jamaica
38. Do I care what others think about me? used to... but if you care to much of what others think of you, you can never really be yourself
39. What are my talents? thats a hard one.. id like to say photoshop, cooking/baking, photography
40. Do I utilize those talents? yup everyday!
41. What makes me happy? money, friends, photos, music, food, getting my hair done, getting my eyebrows done, completing something, making someone i love smile.
42. What makes me sad?
43. What makes me angry?
44. Am I satisfied with my appearance? yhh.. i want to get plastic surgery but i can live without it
45. Am I healthy? i do try always have my 5-a-day :)
46. What was the toughest time in my life? 2010
47. What was the easiest time in my life? 1992 - when i was born
48. Am I selfish? sometimes
49. What is the craziest thing I want to do? mm what a question...
50. What is my greatest regret? no regrets!
51. Who has had the greatest impact on my life? my mum i supose
52. Do I stand up for myself? yhh aint going to let no one knock me down
53. Do I hold grudges? no even tho sometimes i try i just cant its better to forgive & forget
54. Do I read enough? no not nearly enough i find it hard to get into books i really want to start reading
55. Do I listen to my heart? me & my heart have issues lol
56. Do I donate enough to the less fortunate? i don't, im not going to lie but ever since i was younger ive always wanted to start my own charity
57. Do I pray only when I want something? no, praying is not really my thing
58. Do I constantly dwell on the past? that is one of my bad points but i dont dwell as much as i used too im thinking more about my futue now
59. Do I let other people’s negativity affect me? not all the time but it dose make me think twice
60. Do I forgive myself? yeerrh...
61. When I help someone do I think “What’s in it for me”? never.
62. Am I aware that someone always has it worse than me? i didnt used to think that far but now everytime i feel down or upset i think to myself that im not the only one it motivates me to think positivly
63. Do I smile more than I frown? YES :)
64. Do I surround myself with good people? i try atleast i dont let the 'bad' people bring me down
65. Do I take time out for myself? yhh
66. Do I ask enough questions? enough is never enough